The Board of Directors Report 2021

The Board of Directors Report 2021


Firstly, the Board of directors would like to thank all the Members who have joined this year. In these difficult times we fully understand the commitment you have made towards us, and we have endeavoured to produce an organisation that people will be proud of. Since our last December AGM, the board have met a minimum of two times a week plus attended committee meetings, which each Board of Director is a member of. We are honoured to have many members stepping forward and requesting positions on our committees. We now have Six committees: The Rules Committee, The Membership Committee, the Adjudicators Committee, The Media Committee, Education Committee and finally, the Finance Committee.

The Rules Committee.

As you have seen 39 items were proposed by the Rules Committee as we endeavour to improve the rules and the articles of association of the WDO.

The Membership Committee.

This committee oversee memberships from National Organisations, Organisers Adjudicator’s, and Competitors. The strict criteria will be upheld by this committee to ensure fairness within the membership types.

The Adjudicators Committee.

This committee’s main purpose is to oversee the selection of adjudicators for World Championships. They check each Organisers request for adjudicators and confirm they have met the criteria for such a prestigious title.

The Media Committee.

The media committee have been remarkably busy with over 50 promotional videos posted on social media in recent months, including fabulous endorsements from many Members, Advisers and Committee Members. We thank you for your help and participation in these posts. This committee has also produced many more posts for social media and work hard to promote the WDO as much as they can.

The Education Committee.

The newest of our committees. This committee has been formed and intends to look at all aspects of education in dancing. Clearly this is a large subject to undertake, but with the committee we have formed we are confident moving forward that education will be at an exceptionally high standard for the WDO.

Finance & Strategic planning Committee.

This committee have the task of assessing the Financial aspects of the WDO. They will produce a budget and find ways to generate more income to return into the dance business on behalf of the WDO. This committee will generate a different strategy to maintain a healthy and transparent financial spreadsheet for the company, which in the end will benefit our members and especially the competitors. Currently the financial committee is working on projects aiming to assist our members to approach their governments for support and working on strategy how WDO can support their communication and strategy. The committee is also working on a sponsorship model package, in which our goal is to generate income for the company and in the meantime benefit our Organiser members.

The Board of Directors would I like to take this opportunity to thank all committee members for stepping forward and helping the WDO to progress. Your terms of office will commence from today until 2023 where if you wish, you may serve further 2 years within the same committee.

The Covid 19 Pandemic.

The dance industry has been more effected than most industries within business due to this pandemic and the ability to continue as we would like has been made impossible. It has been a challenge and strain on everyone, and for all those who have and can continue we salute your determination at this impossible time. The WDO will wherever possible, support our members in returning to competitions and training. Again, we congratulate you all for your determination and resolve.


As you will be aware the website has been transformed and enables the WDO to accept memberships without hiring extra staff. The interest shown in the information we have provided we know will encourage people to look and educate themselves on the principals of the WDO. The Board of Directors would like to thank our Website Team, headed by Evert van de Pol for their work, but especially Amanda Dokman for liaising every detail from the board to the website company.

The Board of Directors are very aware of the enormous task we took on last year in forming an Organisation and recognise how much work we still must achieve to fore fill our goals. We believe we have moved at lightning speed to get this far but would always request you are patient with the workloads we have taken on board. We are proud members just like you, we have come this far without taking £1.00 for any costs we personally incurred.

So, in closing, we look forward to the opportunities to grow our membership from the ‘word of mouth’ from you, our original members. We look forward to the return of competitions in more countries around the world so we can continue the life we love. DANCE.



Timothy Howson
Signed on behalf of the Board of Directors.