The World Dance Organisers Inaugural Meeting Minutes

The World Dance Organisers Inaugural Meeting Minutes

Held on Thursday 30th May 2019 in the Spanish Halls, Blackpool.

The meeting was opened at 10.15 am to allow for extra seating to be brought in.

Attendees on the Founder Members Table were: Arunas Bizokas, Tim Howson, Lorna Lee, Richard Gleave (Advisor), Amanda Dokman, Terence Lay, Seyoung Lee, Nino Romano, Maurizio Vescovo, Hanson (Yang Chao), Junichiro Kusunoki. A special thanks to Ms. Lin Bing for her help setting up this organisation.

Timothy opened the meeting with the following statement:

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the inaugural World Dance Organisers Meeting. I have a feeling today is going to be a great day for dancing. Following on from this week’s wonderful Amateur events, I am sure you all agree it should be our duty to improve the World Championships for these extremely dedicated and talented dancers. The many faces in this room today prove we are all prepared to work together for a better future.

We are all here today to do our best to improve the dance world for Amateur dancers. Amateur World titles should be held in the highest esteem from each and every dancer and organiser with an equal opportunity for all.

With your help it is our intention to create events around the world that the dancer is proud to attend and succeed at.

Many events organised by many people here, are renowned within the industry and we believe should be considered as potential World Championship events.

Our goals are to have a criteria for the events to make certain they are of the highest quality.

The founding committee members in front of you are here to commence what we believe to be an exciting opportunity for today’s dancing couples.

We intend to appoint 3 non dancer positions for the transparency of the organisation.

Company Treasurer

Company Secretary

Company Legal Advisor.