WDO Directors Report

WDO Directors Report

I have pleasure to inform you that your Directors have attended a total of 76, 2 hour meetings, since our Bournemouth meeting. (I hope you would all agree that in 45 weeks that has shown fantastic
dedication and time away from our families).

This is all because the Directors believe the WDO must offer a choice within the dance industry for
people to support and become a proud member of this organisation. In addition your Directors have
formed committees, which they have also attended meetings to further the development of the WDO.

Our goals have centred on the following:

  • Writing new Rules for the members of the WDO.
  • Creating a new structure for the WDO to become an Organisation. Including the main assets within our industry to receive a vote.
  • Producing a pricing structure for all fees within the WDO.
  • Re-writing the Articles of Association.

It is our intention to remain transparent, fair and approachable on all matters.

We have all been made aware how fragile our industry is when a virus comes along and shuts down
the world. Yet we are proud how this has brought many areas of our business together and we hope
this will only help us work together for the future. Our competitive dancers are our first priority at this
difficult time, but equally the Organisers, Studios, Teachers and suppliers of dance products are in our
thoughts moving forward. For certain we must all work together to build our industry again.

Your Board of Directors will continue to work on your behalf and improve our dance world for the

We hope we have a productive meeting today and together we can build a bright future for our next
generation of dancers.

Signed on behalf of the Board of Directors,
Timothy Howson

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