Membership Types


Finally Great News for 2021 & 2022! 

All Competitors who register with the WDO in 2021 & 2022 will receive a Free Membership and are welcome to compete in the World Championships, Ranking Events and Events around the World with the WDO.

Registration is open to Juveniles, Juniors, Youths, Amateurs, Seniors, Professional, Student/Teacher and Amateur/Professional partnerships and Formation Teams.

Please register your membership through your National Organisations joined together with the WDO or directly with us here on our website, it is up to you!

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The WDO are proud to announce to be the first dance organisation to allow Adjudicators a vote in all General Meetings. With the WDO you have 2 choices of membership.


By registering as a Voting Adjudicator you will have a vote and have the rights to propose Rule changes and speak at meetings within the WDO. 

This exciting opportunity is a progression the WDO believe is important within our industry, finally giving you all a voice. 

A Non Voting Adjudicators membership is also available if you simply want to join and adjudicate in WDO World Championships, Ranking Events, and Events. 

Register here on the website for a  Voting Adjudicator Registration membership. 

Go through your National Organisation joined together with the WDO or directly to us here on our website for a Non Voting Adjudicator Membership.



The WDO invite all Organisers of dance competitions to apply for the WDO World Championship Titles for 2021, 2022 & 2023. This allows any Organiser to hold a World Championship in their country and an opportunity for dancers to compete for this prestigious title in a different country each year.

The vacant titles for 2021 & 2022 are here on our website.
2023 Titles will be voted upon at our 2022 AGM.

By registering as an Organiser you will have a vote and have the rights to propose Rule changes and speak at meetings within the WDO. 

We invite you to register with the WDO as an Organiser and accept this opportunity to be a World Championship Organiser in the near future.
Please register here on our website.



We would like to invite your Organisation to join the World Dance Organisation.

Within a very short period of time we have formed this World Organisation with the support of many of the past finalists and champions. A list of our Directors, Committee Members and Advisors are here on our website.

By joining as a National Organisation you will:

  • Gain a voting position for your country in all WDO General meetings
  • Have the opportunity to propose Rule and Article changes.
  • Register Adjudicators and receive remuneration for each member.
  • Register Competitors and receive remuneration for each member in 2023.
    (Competitors Membership is Free until 2023)
  • Register Basic Members and receive remuneration for each member.

A criterion for all National Organisations to obtain membership is written below, together with the costs for your registration if accepted. (Taken from the Articles of Association for the WDO)

We invite you to register with the WDO as an Organiser and accept this opportunity to be a World Championship Organiser in the near future.

Please register here on our website or contact us at:

27.2.6 A National organisation is a legal entity that has been registered within a Country.

The National Organisation must be approved as such by the Directors or relevant Committee of the Company.

Any documents the Company request to review the National Organisation, must be provided including an authorised translation in English.

National Organisation must register Competitors and/or Adjudicators/Dance Teachers, and must meet at least 2 of the following criteria:

(a) has been registered in that country for a minimum of 2 years.

(b) has registered dance studios, schools, clubs.

(c) has a network of national competitions

(d) has control over the rules and regulations of competitions their members organise.

27.2.8 Membership of the Company is obtained by registering in at least one Membership Category. The same member can be registered in more than one Category if applicable.

27.3 Once any application of membership has been accepted, the Directors have the right to disapprove the application within the period of 6 months.

27.4 Every person or legal entity wishing to become a member shall deliver to the company an application for membership in such form (and containing such information) as the Directors require.

27.4.1 Competitors, Adjudicators and Basic Members may register as members with the Company directly or through a National Organisation for their Country should there be one.

27.6 WDO Licensed Adjudicators who wish to become voting members of the Company may obtain the membership with the voting rights.

27.7 Organisers shall be voting members of the Company. (This item is for Organisers only)

27.7.1 A solitary Organiser who is also registered as a Voting Adjudicator must choose to vote as an Adjudicator or as an Organiser. (This item is for Organisers only)

27.8 National Organisations shall be voting members of the Company.

41.6.3 All Countries represented by their National Organisations shall have One Vote. In the case where only one National Organisation is a member of the Company in their Country, that National Organisation shall have One Vote for their Country. In the case of more than one National Organisation, there shall be One Collective Vote of National Organisations for their Country.

41.7 Proportionate Voting where there are Multiple National Organisations within a Country.

41.7.1 When a Country has multiple National Organisations registered with the Company, the Company will use a system that assigns each National Organisation a number of votes in relation to the amount of members they register to the Company.

41.7.2 Votes will be assigned within each Country where there are multiple National Organisations according to a mathematical formula utilising the two statistical parameters ‘mean average’ and ‘standard deviation’.

41.7.3 The number of votes will be calculated 30 days before each Annual General Meeting.

41.7.5 Each National Organisation will be given a number of votes between 1 and 10 based on their number of members equalling or exceeding fixed boundaries.

Please see the Mathematical explanation table within the Articles of Association for the complete details.


Fees for National Organisations to join are £380.00 (British Pounds) for 2021.

For 2022 they are £750.00 (British Pounds).

If a National Organisation wishes to apply for a World Title they are welcome to by paying the Organiser Membership fee and applicable fees if their application is accepted.

Please Apply Now to register your interest and request membership approval.



An Affiliate Member is an International Dance Organisation whose objects are the same or substantially similar to those of the WDO. The Affiliate will work with the same goals and their activities will never be in conflict with the WDO. The WDO look forward to working alongside other organisations to achieve a brighter future for all dancers. An Affiliate Member is without voting rights and all applications must be sent to the treasurer of the WDO for approval by the Board of Directors.


The World Dance Organisation gives everyone the opportunity to join this new exciting Organisation.

With some of the greatest dancers and Advisors already members, the Board of Directors want to give you the opportunity to join them and show your support for this non profit organisation.

By becoming an official Supporter you will know your membership fee is being placed back into dancing for dancers around the world.

From £100.00 (British Pounds) plus you will become part of this exciting Organisation. 

Please click below to register your interest and become a member of the WDO!



Everyone can qualify as a Basic Member. The membership allows you to register with the WDO without an adjudicators license. This membership can be utilised by Dance Teachers to be part of a World Organisation. This membership is without voting rights.