Amateur 10 Dance Software Error

Amateur 10 Dance Software Error

The World Dance Organisation on behalf of the World Amateur 10 Dance Organisers Associated Board of Dance (Peter Nash), wish to announce an anomaly of a technical programming mistake that occurred within the marking system at the above championship.

Due to a software error, the programming system ‘Easycomp’ incorrectly used Rule 10, instead of Rule 11 and with this situation the 5th and 6th place marks were calculated incorrectly.

The accompanying letters from the programmer and scrutineer, will also explain this.

The WDO would like to apologise for this mistake, which was out of the WDO’s, Organisers, Scrutineers and Chairman’s control. The couples in question and reported results have been updated with the correct result.

The 5th place, and 6th places announced, have now be reversed.

The prize money for the 6th placed couple will be increased to the 5th place position.

The software used has been corrected following this issue.

Yours sincerely,
Timothy Howson,
On behalf of the Directors of the WDO.

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